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Space Bears (Astra Primursa) - Bits Conversion Set

Space Bears (Astra Primursa) - Bits Conversion Set

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Produced by Jazza of Tabletop Time with PuppetsWar, this bits conversion set can be used to turn many brands of wargame minitures such as warhammer 40k (40,000), into 'Space Bears', a fearsome group of elite soldiers whose combat hallmark is patience, and strategy, and finally - tearing their enemies apart brutally and quickly.

Includes (as pictured): 

- Heads (with faces) x5
- Helmets x5 variants 
- 4 Claw Variants (can be mirrored for both hands)
- Combat Shield
- printable chain (can be shaped with mild heat)
- Large Shoulders
- Regular Shoulders

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