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Space Bear Bear Cavalry

Space Bear Bear Cavalry

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This item is an EARLY RELEASE ITEM provided for our Kickstarter Backers. Anyone who purchases this item at full price must be aware that more files will be added and updated to the product as we continue to fulfil the Kickstarter. You will receive updates on this product when new items are available. 

The product images ARE indicative of the digital files you will receive, but more accessories are planned to be added over time, thanks to the generous support of the Kickstarter backers and the amazing stretch goals unlocked. 

We are making these files available as any and all support for the Space Bears project allows us to create and develop more, the world of the Space Bears, and their future friends and enemies. Please do not purchase this product unless you understand it is not representative of its complete and final post Kickstarter form, and we anticipate will not be fully complete until Q3 2024. 

After surviving long enough to advance from Makwa Marine to Kodiak, a Space Bear warrior may manage to find one of the hardy and ferocious bears of their homeworld, and bond with it. Only a Kodiak with a perfect balance of his focus and spirit can hope to bond in such a way with the primal bears. Once bonded, having found perfect balance in all styles of warfare, the Kodiak gives up his heavy and restrictive war plate and takes his place mounted upon his Battle-bear. 

This awesome cavalry piece comes in two poses, one rearing in anger and another bounding across the battlefield. The at the waist connection of parts and lack of defining space bears insignia on the bear itself ensures these will make for easy conversion pieces for any Wargame miniature you wish to mount on a bear. 

The Warrior mounted on top will also has two torso options and full rotation for multiple poses, and is compatible with all previous Mawka Marine arms. As well as the Makwa arms, Bear-Back Riders also include their own weapon options:

  • Tenderizing Hammers (1-handed)
  • Shields
  • Balled fist and Pointing hand
  • Makwa Marine Arms
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