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Its Tabletop Time

Lucevera Inspired by Art

Lucevera Inspired by Art

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This bundle of Miniatures is a DIGITAL PRODUCT - STL FILES ONLY - Designed for 3D printing. 
Hand Picked by Jazza and Dave and lovingly rendered into concept art Alysha - Frekkie from Fleshcraft Studios has sculpted these gorgeous miniatures for use in any Medieval or Renaissance games. This selection focuses on the models most directly inspired by classical art or legend, for the creatives. The legend of the homunculus, the Vitruvian man, and classical sculpture all stand as homages to the renaissance while our Titan devouring its son references one of our favorite messed up paintings from the Romantic era.  

Purchasing this bundle is a fantastic way to support Tabletop Time and directly the Tabletop Time Roleplay youtube channel, and these minis will be showcased in TTTs Lucevera campaign as it progresses over on TTTRP. We can't wait to see what you do with them, happy printing! 

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