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GATECRASH: Hypatia & Chetzu (Epoch)

GATECRASH: Hypatia & Chetzu (Epoch)

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Hypatia is the current military figurehead of the Aion Regency, born into the oldest house, house Aperion, Hypatia was groomed for crashing from birth. With the alleged lineage of the first crasher in her ancestry, her training was relentless. As she developed into a natural beauty, her image was cultivated by the house to evoke feelings of great artworks of antiquity. She was to be an inspiring leader or armies, and a potent political pawn for House Iphigenia. 

Once of age to become a crasher she was attached to a group of House crasher supplicants at a prestigious Regency academy. Hypatia showed a natural talent for command and an impressive ability to cooperate with, and more importantly, manipulate, those around her into working effectively to serve her ends. It was during this period that she met Chetzuequetl, a quiet, brooding and imposing supplicant from House Haemon. Chetzu, as she came to call him, was a particularly impressive specimen of a brutal and powerful alien race from a realm recently brought under the Regency’s control. Chetzu was as loyal as they come, and soon the pair became an effective duo, combining his unparalleled martial prowess with Hypatia’s tactical acumen. The pair successfully found Issoras Heart together, and union was made with Epoch. They have been fighting together ever since, the leader, and her protector. The perfect vision of the Aion Regency, and the symbiotic union they share with the realms they bring under their banner. 

Raised to believe she was better than those around and ‘beneath’ her, Hypatia is a ruthless strategist and fighter. She has been trained to see the bigger picture, and the grand plans of the Regency, before the immediate needs of those around her. However, the Regency functions on a reverence for the past and a unified push towards an ever brighter future, thus, Hypatia is often publicly deployed on missions that have been analyzed to have extremely high success probability. This has lead to her having a reputation as an unflinching hero of the Regency, who brings victory to every battlefield she stands upon. This awe inspiring reputation is partially self fulfilling, as soldiers who catch sight of her are inspired to fight to ever greater heights, seeing her as the statuesque, perfect and beautiful embodiment of everything Epoch stands for.

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