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GATECRASH: Hypatia & Chetzu (Epoch)

GATECRASH: Hypatia & Chetzu (Epoch)

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This digital product includes .STL and .LYS format 3D files ready for 3D Printing. Files include unsupported and pre-supported models.

Pose/limb variations included for Chetzu.

Hypatia, born into the esteemed House Aperion, is the military figurehead of the Aion Regency. Groomed from birth to be a Gatecrasher, she has a legacy tied to the first of her kind. Known for her striking presence and leadership, Hypatia commands with a blend of charisma and calculated strategy, often alongside her loyal protector, Chetzu from House Haemon. Together, they embody the Regency’s ideal of power and unity. Raised to prioritize the Regency’s grand visions, Hypatia’s missions are carefully chosen to ensure victory, enhancing her mythic status among troops and reinforcing her as a living symbol of Epoch’s values and ambitions. 

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